Monday, March 26, 2012

First Impressions

I had a book about astrology when I was little.  It had a chapter on each sun sign, and under my sign, Virgo, it said, "First impressions are important to a Virgo."  This is extremely true, I wrote a blog about my first impression deal breakers, and there were thirty of them.  With the help of my deal breakers and my strong ability to read people, I can tell within the first minutes whether or not I am going to like someone.  I have never been wrong.  Every time I get a bad vibe from someone, and I try to talk myself out of it under the guise of being a more tolerant person, after much time and effort my first impression is proven right.  Always.  

I understand, however, that not everyone can suss out character instantly, and that first impressions sometimes are incorrect.  So, I am hyper aware of the first impression I make, which results in me lying facedown on my bedroom floor in frustration (also in my underwear) before a first date because I have absolutely nothing to wear.  And why sometimes my college roommate walked in to find four of my outfits strewn out on the floor, because I had to try them all on and then I made myself so late I didn't have time to put them away.   But a first impression isn't only about what you wear, and honestly, I have no idea  how well I do at making a good one.   I think I come off as kind of a bitch--hopefully a well dressed bitch, but a bitch nonetheless.

Shocker alert: I am actually kind of self-concious and shy.  And because of that, sometimes when I meet people, I try to arrange my face in a neutral, reserved expression.   Unfortunately, while this is a coping mechanism and it makes me feel more in control, it also makes me look like I'm angry or maybe like I have a stick up my ass.   I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "When I first met you I thought you were a bitch. But you're totally not!"  Hmm, thanks?  One time a guy came up to me at a bar, with the pickup line, "Hey, my friend bet that you're a bitch, but I said you were probably friendly,"  I responded with, "Nope, your friend was right."

Another funny first impression story: My sister's friend, Jeny, is the nicest girl in the world.   She's a special ed teacher and petite and blonde and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet.   Adorable.   When a mutual friend of Jeanie's met Jeny, he said, "I don't trust that little one."   Jeanie told Jeny about it, thinking it was hilarious and poor Jeny was racking her brain to figure out what she could have said or done.  Possible theory?  Jeny looks like that guys's fiance, who is a little bossy and overbearing.  Which makes it even funnier.

Just today, a friend of mine, sent me an email including what his friend (whom I've met once!) had said about me.   When I met him this FridayI was really nice and friendly to him I thought, and I was in a goofy, friendly (read: intoxicated) mood, so I wasn't nervous and doing that thing where I arrange my face.   So imagine my shock when I found out this is what he said about me:

  "I found her slightly menacing.  Like she had too much power.  It was really interesting.  So...good luck"

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