Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Biggest Fears

I frequently tell people that my biggest fear upon graduating college was being, "homeless and jobless."   Well bust out the champagne--as of today I am neither.

Yesterday, I spent the day berating myself for showing up to the morning's interview fully fifteen minutes late.   While my presentation itself had seemed to go ok that morning, they told me, I thought somewhat ominously, that I would know by the end of the week "one way or another."  So when I got out of the interview at noon, I figured it was a wash and prepared myself to wait until 5 pm Friday to find out that they had gone in another direction.

Nonetheless, since I'm such an AWESOME girlfriend, I spent the day busying myself cleaning up my boyfriend's apartment as a thank you for letting me loaf around his apartment for the few days while I got ready for my interview.  I decided to set a festive mood with Matt's favorite dinner, Pasta alla Notka, and I figured (magical thinkingly) that if I celebrated something maybe the universe would alter and give me a reason to celebrate.   As I was sauteing the garlic, the phone rang.  I was so nervous when I saw the number was from the HR lady, I hit "ignore".   A few seconds later the voice mail tone chimed.   I put it on speaker and Matt and I huddled around the phone, listening as intently as if it was the voice of God.  "Hi, Annie.  This is Kathy, I just wanted to discuss the result of your interview this morning."   Matt looked at me.  With pity.   He measured his words.   "Why don't you call her back, Honey."  And it kinda did sound pretty bad.  I went outside, tail tucked between my legs, fully prepared to cry on Matt's shoulder and bitch about how nothing works out for me.    Instead, something amazing happened.   They offered me the job!  It's my dream job, too.   Needless to say, there was much screaming and jumping and celebration.   Then on to the next hurdle... I start next week, where do I live?!

I've never picked out an apartment.  In D.C. I found housing through internship agencies, without ever touring an apartment and had I willingly chosen to live in the housing U.D. assigned to me (against my will), I would most likely be the kind of person who wears tissue boxes as shoes and eats stuffing out of the couch cushions.   But regardless, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.   I wanted Urban.   Downtown Dayton.   I liked the idea of a loft.   I also wanted a one bedroom, less than 800$ a month.   I wanted washer/dryer.   So I looked online at the loft apartments in Dayton.  Easy enough.  Unfortunately, the loft I was set on didn't have any one bedroom apts.   "We have a 2 bedroom for 850$ a month."  Noooooope.  I found another loft apartment that had a two bedroom apt, for 750$ a month, some utilities included.   I went to go check it out.   When I pulled up to the lot, a maintenance man STARED at me.  For like, 30 minutes of unblinking eye contact.   Leered, even.   Bad sign.  He opened the door for me, "Thank you," I said.   He replied, "No. Thank YOU."   EWWW. Bad vibes.  Ok so if that wasn't creepy enough, while I loved the exposed brick, city views, and lofty feel, I hated the fact that the place smelled like mildew.  That, plus the lecherous handy man effectively put the kibosh on that apartment.  Also, "some utilities included" meant "trash collection."  Wow.   Color me discouraged.

The next place I looked at, Dayton Towers was a high rise in the Oregon District.    My favorite district. Walking distance to my favorite bars. Snazzy building:

Even better, when I walked up, there was a fabulous older gay man outside smoking a cigar.   Done.   When the gays approve a place, it's a good place to be.  I was taken with the apartment.  Galley Kitchen.  Tons of closet space.   View of the skyline.   Light!  Glorious light!   I practically skipped down to the leasing office to sign my deposit.   I have a good feeling.  740 square feet that is COMPLETELY mine.  Oh and Utilities are included.   Gas, Electric, Water, AND Trash.

So, buying an apartment is a little like, "If you give a mouse a cookie".  When you buy an apartment, you need some furniture to go in it.   And the most important piece of furniture?  A bed.   My Dad called me up after I told him I put the deposit down on the apartment, "Honey, are you overwhelmed?"   No, excited.  "Well good, go buy yourself a mattress."   So I schlepped to Macy's, laid on about a dozen mattresses, and decided I wanted a Sealy Postrapedic.   It was an investment, but I figure, you spend half your life in bed, might as well be nice.   Downside?  They can't deliver until JUNE 4th!  I will be sleeping on an air mattress on the night before my first day at my first job.  Cool.

Notice it only says 48 hour delivery on SELECTED models.
And if you have an apartment, you also need... dishes.   Towel racks.   Shower curtains.   Napkins.   Plates.  Bowls.   Cups.   Silver wear.  Glasses.   And on and on and on.   I went to Target with my parents after dinner and bought some of these items.  The best part?   They're mine.  I don't have to worry if my roommate doesn't like my china pattern or wants pastels in the bathroom instead of the bolds I like.  I get to pick WHATEVER I want.   I bought these great plates with bed poppies on a beige background...they're amazing.  I can't wait to throw a dinner party!

I seriously feel so adult, I think I might schedule a teeth cleaning. And yeah, that is the most adult thing I can think of, which makes me, pretty decidedly, you know, not an adult.

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